Nostalgic Soda Sample Packs.
Our Nostalgic Soda Samplers are put together so you may enjoy a variety of great American classic sodas. These take you back to the time of soda fountains and bobby socks. Keep a pack for yourself and take one as a gift for that someone special who will fondly take a trip down memory lane. The sampler is also meant for the soda aficionado who will enjoy the great tasting sodas made as they once were with pure cane sugar and longneck glass bottles.
Dad;s Root Beer Pack
Dad's 10 Pack Sample.
Dad's 12 Pack Sample.
Dad's 10 Pack Sample.
Dad's Variety Sample Pack
Frostie Sample Pack
American Garage Pack
Great American Root Beer
Holiday Soda Samples
O-So Butter Scotch Root Beer
Root Beer Sample Pack
Tail Gate Sample Pack
Vintage Soda Sample Pack
Winter Soda Samples Pack
Winter Vintage Soda Samples Pack
Monster Soda Pack
Monster Soda Pack