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Give yourself a real treat and try some other Cola's available on the market. Take the time to look through our impressive selection and enjoy a trip down memory lane.

Cream Soda

Harkening back to a time when soda fountains were the rage and cream sodas could be made with a scoop of ice cream, seltzer and sodium bicarbonate ... take the time to look at all the cream offerings.

Dad's Sodas

Dad's sodas have a long history and loyal following. Although new flavors have been introduced, Dad's root beer remains it's flagship product. Step inside and learn about all their flavors

Energy Drinks - Dragon Tail

Dragon Tail is the first energy drink on the market using pure cane sugar. These deliciously flavored high caffeinated energy drinks use a blend of quality ingredients providing high performance, energy and luck!.


Frostie was originally bottled in 1939 by The Frostie Beverage Company, owned by George Rackensperger. Setting up shop in an abandoned jailhouse, he used the garage and cells to store and bottle Frostie. It didn't take long for the business to grow and prosper. Try all the Frostie flavors.


A touch of this a dab of that, adding fruit essense and flavors put the sodas we produce a cut above the rest.

Ginger Ale

Originating in the 1840's this homemade tonic could be best described as sweet and bubbly with a kick of ginger root.

Ginger Beer


With roots all the way back to 1866, Willow Springs Distillery opened in Nebraska. Within 10 years it was the third largest distillery in the U.S. In the advent of Prohibition, Willow Springs began bottling non-alcoholic sodas. Goody was created and found a niche market in the early 1940's.

Hippo Size


A favorite since 1929, this company was started with the invention of "Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime" later know as 7up. Enjoy our development of these old time flavors.

Jic Jac

"Pick a pack of Jic Jac". A special vintage brand which comes in a variety of flavors, since 1953.


The cutest sparkling Lemonade since 1939.

Lemon Lime


The distinctively peppery elixir since the 1940's.


Moxie originally know as "Moxie Nerve Food". An aquired taste you are sure to enjoy. Produced since 1876.


Nesbitt's debuted in 1927 as part of Nesbitt's soda fountain products. Once established it became a market leader.


NuGrape has been around since 1906, the real grape flavor.

O-SO Drinks


Root Beer

A selection of classic root beers flavors, each root beer has a distinctive taste and aroma. Wintergreen, cinnamon, licorice, honey can be found, balanced with the iconic taste of root beer from a bygone time.



Sioux City

The Granddaddy of all Root Beers. All of it's flavors are perennial favorites. Originating in 1876.

Soda Boy

A real trip down memory lane with this boy!